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Web exclusive: Judge says Casey needs supervised probation

We haven't seen Casey Anthony since she walked out of jail last month. There was speculation that she was on Geraldo's boat and at a resort in Palm Springs.

So, where's Casey?

Well, we do know that she'll back in court soon. Judge Stan Strickland sentenced Anthony last year on charges that she had stolen and forged several checks.

He has just ordered Casey to return to court in Orlando within the next 72 hours as part of her probation related to that case.

Dr. Drew takes a closer look at the matter in this web exclusive.

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August 2nd, 2011
10:59 AM ET

Web exclusive: Casey headed to therapy?

Casey is reportedly dealing with Caylee's death in therapy.

Dr. Drew and his guests discuss the issue in greater depth in this web exclusive.

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Casey: From prisoner to pin-up?

It could happen ... if Larry Flynt, the famed founder of Hustler magazine, gets his way.

Is it finally pay day for Casey Anthony?

Watch as Dr. Drew asks Flynt if people really want to see a naked Casey Anthony.

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TV producer Al Taylor: I met with Casey

TV Producer Al Taylor claims he met with Casey Anthony in Palm Springs Tuesday. Watch the interview.

Do you believe his story?

Friday update (7/22/11): Statement from Jose Baez: "Neither I nor Casey Anthony have ever met with or have any intention of meeting with Al Taylor."

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Casey interview: Bonanza or backlash?

Can a young woman found not guilty of murder, but guilty in the court of public opinion, possibly capitalize on her so-called celebrity?

Casey Anthony has become a household name. She’s been on the covers of Globe, OK! and People magazines. And there's speculation that she’ll be offered millions for an interview … there’s even talk of a Casey Anthony movie.

Dr. Drew and his guests look deeper into the issue.

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Casey Anthony released from jail

Casey Anthony walked out of the Orange County jail with Jose Baez at 12:11 a.m. and proceeded to board a gray SUV on Sunday.

Stay tuned for special Casey Anthony coverage beginning at 6 a.m. ET Sunday.

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Casey’s psych speaks ... Is she mentally ill?

Is Casey a cold-blooded killer who got away with murder ... or a troubled, mentally ill young woman?

How does Casey lie so convincingly and so fluidly?

Does she actually believe her own lies?

Dr. Drew is joined by Harry Krop, a forensic psychologist who actually evaluated Casey Anthony and spent 20 hours with her.

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Is Casey's life in jeopardy?

Casey gets out of jail on Sunday … so where is she going to go? Some are saying she might go to Puerto Rico with Jose Baez. There’s another rumor that she might change her appearance, dye her hair blond and use a fake name.

Could she totally re-invent herself?

Will she need protection when she is freed on Sunday?

Dr. Drew and his guests take a closer look.

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Will Caylee's death make Casey a celeb?

Casey Anthony will soon be a free woman.

Defense attorney Jose Baez says the court system has not dishonored Caylee's memory … but will Casey dishonor her daughter by making millions off of Caylee's death?

Book deals, movie deals, and paid interviews could all be on the table for Casey.

When she gets out of jail, will she go into hiding or will she decide to stay in the spotlight and tell her side of the story?

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