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March 27th, 2012
11:12 PM ET

Dr. Drew: 'I'm not the anti-pot guy'

Dr. Drew asks: "Why do I always get labeled as the 'buzz-kill guy'?"

Hear Bill Maher's comical answer in the video clip above.

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Love marijuana? Dr. Drew has advice for you

People often say the first time they get high from marijuana ... they love it.

But HLN’s Dr. Drew says "loving it” is a very different experience.

“It turns out, it activates a part of your brain that's associated with the love and nurturing experience. The receptors for anandamide where the cannabis binds, for some people, will trigger a severe addiction."

He adds, “When you come off of it, you can feel paranoid, irritable or can’t sleep."

In the video clip above, Dr. Drew explains what he does to get people through their withdrawal period and where to go to handle marijuana addiction.

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December 6th, 2011
03:53 PM ET

‘Weed Wars’: Seeking the truth

It's the 21st century and America is still wrestling with these questions: Is marijuana harmful? Should it be legalized? What are the medical, social, and legal consequences? Will there come a day when the battle over pot ever ends?

The Executive Director of Harborside Health Clinic Stephen D’Angelo says he’s advocating for full access to medical cannabis for patients who need it.

“In certain parts [of Los Angeles], you can walk by and grab your prescription and not even slow down,” Dr. Drew said. “They don’t do a medical evaluation. That’s the part that bothers me the most.”

Hear Dr. Drew’s full interview with D’Angelo in the video clip above.

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